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TEREX TA40 Gen 7(2007)  3739 Original Hours, A/C, Retarder, Detroit 60 Series Engine, Allison Transmission, Auto Lube, 29.5R25 tires, Very Good Condition. Located New Jersey $92,500
CATERPILLAR 725WT (2005)A/C,Retarder, 5000 G TIDAL WAVETank ,2 Front & 3 Rear Spray Heads, Remote Cannon, Hose Reel,23.5R25 Tires, Work Ready . Located New Jersey $92,500
VOLVO A30DWT (2003)
A/C, Retarder, 5500 Gallon Hydro Force Tank, Remote Cannon, Hose Reel , Located New Jersey

VOLVO A30CWT (1999)
A/C, Retarder, 6500 Gallon Dolphin Tank, Remote Cannon, Hose Reel, Self-Loading, Rear Hydrant Hose Fill, (2) front (3) Rear air operated spray heads, 750/65 R25 Tires-85%.Located Florida  
A/C, Retarder, 8000 Gallon Klein K800 Tank, (2) front (4) Rear Heads,Hose Reel to be installed, 29.5R25 Tires 50%.Good Condition.Located Florida   
A/C, 5000 Gallon Tank, Manual Cannon,  (2) front (3) Rear  spray heads,Hose Reel, Self-Loading, 23.5R25 Tires.Located Florida   
TEREX TA400 DUMP BED (2010) 
Dump Bed with lift pistons from a 2010 Terex TA400 Truck S/N 9821091. Located Florida
KLEIN K600 (2011)
6000 GallonWater Tank for 25-30 Ton Articulated Truck,Remote Cannon, in Cab Controls,  (2) Front Spray Heads, (4) Rear Spray Heads, Hose Reel, Rear Gravity Dump Bar. Located Florida

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