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CATERPILLAR 725WT (2005)A/C,Retarder, 5000 G TIDAL WAVETank ,2 Front & 3 Rear Spray Heads, Remote Cannon, Hose Reel,23.5R25 Tires, Work Ready . Located New Jersey $97,500
 VOLVO A40DWT (2002)
A/C, Retarder, 8000 Gal Dolphin Tank, 2 Front & 4 Rear Spray Heads, Front Spray Bar,Remote Water Cannon, Hose Reel, 29.5R25 Tires-75%,Cleaned and PaintedWork ready. Located Florida 
VOLVO A30DWT (2003)
A/C, Retarder, 5500 Gallon Hydro Force Tank, Remote Cannon, Hose Reel , Located New Jersey

VOLVO A30CWT (1999)
A/C, Retarder, 6500 Gallon Dolphin Tank, Remote Cannon, Hose Reel, Self-Loading, Rear Hydrant Hose Fill, (2) front (3) Rear air operated spray heads, 750/65 R25 Tires-85%.Located Florida  
40 Ton Truck with tailgate, Heated Body, Body Liners, Traction Control, AC, Retarder, 1800R33 Tires-60%, New Paint, Work Ready . Located New Jersey
JOHN DEERE 350D (2006)
9100 HRS, AC,Retarder,Mercedes Engine,Allison Transmission,26.5R25 Tires, New Paint,Good Condition,Work Ready, Located Florida
KLEIN K600 (2011)
6000 GallonWater Tank for Volvo A25 or A30 Truck,Remote Cannon, in Cab Controls,  (2) Front Spray Heads, (4) Rear Spray Heads, Hose Reel, Rear Gravity Dump Bar. Located Florida

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